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Open threads

Game 50 Hub: Sens @ Sabres

We’re in the home stretch.

Game 48 Hub: Calgary Flames at Ottawa Senators

Ottawa heads into the all-star break with a Saturday afternoon matinée against Calgary

Game 45 Hub: Habs @ Sens

After an entertaining shootout loss yesterday to the Red Wings, the Sens are back home to take on the free-falling Habs.

Game 44 Hub: Sens @ Wings

Ottawa hopes to snap a five game losing streak with a visit to the basement

Game 43 Hub: Sens @ Caps

The Sens visit the league leaders.

Game 41 Hub: Panthers @ Sens

Ottawa’s first game of 2020 closes out the first half of the season

Game 40 Hub: Ottawa Senators @ Pittsburgh Penguins

A back-to-back brings the Sens into the steel city to face the Penguins

Game 39 Hub: Devils @ Sens

Back on the ice after six days off

Game 34 Hub: Senators @ Panthers

The Sens (and dads) head for the Sunshine State

Game 32 Hub: Sens @ Habs

If there was ever a night to put the tank on hold...

Game 30 Hub: Ottawa Senators @ Philadelphia Flyers

Sens road trip continues in the City of Brotherly Love.

Game 29 Hub: Sens @ Oilers

The Sens take on McDavid and Draisaitl.

Game 28 Hub: Sens @ Nucks

The search for scoring continues on the west coast

Game 27 Hub: Sens @ Flames

Game 26 Hub: Sens @ Wild

Game 25 Thread: Bruins @ Senators

Senators hope to get their offence going against tired Bruins

Game 24 Hub: Senators @ Blue Jackets

The Senators go for a fourth in a row in Columbus

Game 23 Hub: Rangers @ Senators

Somehow already volume III of this season series

Game 22 Hub: Sens @ Habs

Sens pay a visit to their closest rival

Game 21 Hub: Sens @ Wings

The road trip rolls into the motor city

Game 16 Hub: Canes @ Sens

The Sens look to build on Thursday night’s victory against a feisty Canes team

Game 8 Hub: Sens @ Stars

The western road trip concludes against a team in a similar boat as ours

Game 5 Hub: Wild @ Sens

Game 2 Hub: Rangers @ Senators

Your Preview and Open Thread for Game 2 of the season

Game 1 Hub: Sens @ Leafs

Your preview and open thread all in one!

Pre-Season Game 6 Preview & Open Thread: Sens @ Habs

After winning their rematch in Vancouver on Wednesday, the Sens are hoping for more of the same in la belle province tonight

Preseason Game 3 Preview & Open Thread: Habs @ Sens

After winning back-to-back games against the Leafs, the Sens hope to continue the streak against Montréal

Preseason Game 2 Preview & Open Thread: Leafs @ Sens

The Sens seek their second pre-season win at home.

Preseason Game 1 Preview & Open Thread: Sens @ Leafs

The Senators kick off their preseason in St. John’s against the Leafs

DRAFT DAY: Details and Open Thread

WHC Open Thread

Better late than never, right?

Open Thread, Game 82: Jackets @ Sens

Last chance to do this, this season


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