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Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Thread - May 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Thread - May 10th

Who will be pushed to the brink tonight?

Playoffs Open Thread - May 9th

Four more games tonight, including a potential series clincher

Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Thread - May 8th

Happy Mother’s Day!

NHL Playoffs Open Thread, Tuesday, May 3rd

Your primer for Day 2 of Round 1

Prospect Update - December 28th

And de facto World Junior Championship open thread

Game 2 Hub: Senators @ Maple Leafs

The Senators look to take their second straight against the Maple Leafs to begin the season

Open Thread: June 30th

Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals goes tonight

Playoff Open Thread: June 23

Will we have a Cup finalist tonight?

Playoff Open Thread: June 21st

After a thriller in Montreal, the Islanders and Lightning meet tonight to break the series tie.

Playoff Open Thread: June 17

The Habs tie things up and the Lightning and Islanders battle it out on Long Island

Open Thread: June 16th

Stone’s Golden Knights look to take a 2-0 series lead

Open Thread: June 10th

Pageau’s Islanders advance, and Vegas looks to close out their series!

Playoff Open Thread: June 4th

The overtime hits just keep comin’!

Playoff Open Thread: June 1st

The Maple Leafs somehow managed to be stalled in the first round yet again while the Islanders needed extra time to even their series with Boston.

Playoff Open Thread: May 31st

The first round ends tonight!

Playoff Open Thread: May 28

Montreal forces a game 6, and Carolina advances to the second round!

Playoff Open Thread: May 27

Two shutouts, two series winners and one series heading to a surprising game seven in yesterday’s playoff action.

Playoff Open Thread: May 26

The Leafs take a 3-1 stranglehold and the Hurricanes re-take the series lead

Game 70 Hub: Sens @ Ducks

The California trip continues

Game 69 Hub: Sens @ Sharks

Amid conversation swirling around the NHL’s response to COVID-19, the Sens head to California for their annual road trip

Game 67 Hub: Senators @ Penguins

It’s a quick one-game road trip for the Sens

Game 66 Hub: Wings @ Sens

Sens hope to build on Thursday evening’s performance against their actively tanking rivals

Game 65 Hub: Canucks @ Senators

It’s the annual Senators Foundation Telethon game

Game 64 Hub: Sens @ Preds

The stripped-down Sens wrap up their road back-to-back

Game 62 Hub: Habs @ Sens

Pageau in the spotlight as the Habs visit the Sens for the final time this season

Game 60 Hub: Sabres @ Sens

Game 60 is really about #4

Game 59 Hub: Dallas Stars @ Ottawa Senators

Sens have an opportunity to rebound tonight as the Stars visit the CTC

Game 56 Hub: Sens @ Avs

A rematch five days in the making

Game 55 Hub: Ottawa Senators @ Winnipeg Jets

The Sens fly into Winnipeg for an afternoon matinée

Game 54 Hub: Avs @ Sens

Tough test for the kids tonight.

Game 52 Hub: Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs

After a tight 5-3 loss last night to the Caps, the Sens head down the 401 to face the playoff-chasing Leafs


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