Noteworthy video: The Senators' reaction to clinching a playoff berth

You want to see good teammates?

Here's video of the Ottawa Senators coming off the ice. It's no surprise that Alfie is there to greet them, because he's friggin' Alfie. But watch how pumped Zenon Konopka and Matt Carkner are. The team chemistry in that locker room must be absolutely rock solid. If your scratches are that excited, imagine how the players must feel.

Though he might not win the Jack Adams Award for the best coach this year, what head coach Paul MacLean has crafted with this team is still noteworthy. Just look at the mood of the players as they head towards the locker room: excited but not giddy. They're almost businesslike, as if they know that one goal has been achieved but there are more to go.

This team was chosen by many experts to finish dead last in the NHL, and they've defied those expectations pretty convincingly. When MacLean was introduced, he said, "It's not them versus me, it's the Ottawa Senators versus the rest of the NHL."

Looks like they've bought in.

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