Noon Number: 4

No, not Chris Phillips.

Four is the number of 20+ goal scorers the Ottawa Senators have this year: Kyle Turris (25), Clarke MacArthur (24), Erik Karlsson (20), and Bobby Ryan (23). Not far behind them is Jason Spezza with 19 goals and Milan Michalek with 16. Not bad considering teams like the Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks, and Boston Bruins have four players with 20+ as well. The Senators, at the moment, sit in 10th place in the league in goals per game (2.84), which puts them ahead of playoff teams that include the Montreal Canadiens and Los Angeles Kings.

It is almost reassuring to think that the Senators, even though they've had some struggles (okay, that might be an understatement), have found ways to put the puck in the net. What's also been a nice addition is Ales Hemsky. Since he's arrived here, his chemistry with Spezza seems to have sparked Michalek and he's been looking a little more like the Milan of old. All of this is giving me hope for next season. We've had some players go through major slumps (like Michalek, Ryan, Spezza, etc.), yet they still managed to score. Good news for the future.

What I, and many Ottawa Senators fans for that matter, don't understand is how the Senators organization keeps thinking we need more offense. Offense, as I've pointed out in basic form, hasn't been the big issue for this team. It's been keeping the puck out of the net (I know, broken record, but I'm making a point). Ottawa currently sits in 28th place in the league by allowing 3.24 goals against on average per game. That's not quite where we want to be, I assume.

Nevertheless, it's been exciting to watch players like Turris and MacArthur playing to their potential and to me, things are only looking up for the Senators.

Who do you think will lead the team in goals next year?

Bobby Ryan192
Kyle Turris28
Clarke MacArthur8
Jason Spezza14
Erik Karlsson6

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