NKB’s Notebook: An Update

We’ll be back!

One of the things that I most enjoy about writing for Silver Seven is digging into the nitty, gritty detail of hockey tactics and strategy. When NKB’s Notebook debuted at the start of the season, I envisioned it as an attempt to create a space to focus on the type of small details that often don’t fit into every day blogging. When I watched Ottawa Senators games this year, I usually kept a little notepad to jot down ideas for the weekly feature.

Writing the column itself isn’t overly complicated, but I felt obliged to watch damn near every minute of every Sens’ game available in order to feel like I was saying something worth listening to . Until just recently, that kind of time commitment hasn’t been a problem; I have been writing for this site for over seven years now, after all — I’ve watched, and will likely continue to watch, a lot of Sens hockey.

That all being said, the astute among you probably noticed that I didn’t run a feature at all last week; that’s because my wife and I welcomed our first child into our life. It’s a major change and I couldn’t be happier, or more exhausted. This week I only made it through half of Monday night’s game against the Calgary Flames before Daddy Duty called. This type of occurrence seems likely to continue for a while to come. It’s been fun, and what started as a little experiment will probably continue in some form or another next year but for now the feature will be on hiatus.

As for my broader involvement with the site, I’m not planning on going anywhere just yet. I’m very proud of the staff and the work that we do here, and I love our community. You’ll see less of my writing for the short-term, but I’ll still be around and the rest of the staff will continue churning out all of the great writing you’ve come to expect.

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