Nick Paul Hurt In BSens Loss

Prospect takes a skate blade to the arm, in surgery

It was a scary scene on Saturday night in Binghamton as Ottawa prospect and second year pro Nick Paul took an inadvertent skate to his forearm and was rushed off the ice with Sens athletic trainer Jeff Andrews with a towel applied to Paul’s arm and a trail of blood behind them. It appeared an artery was cut, as he was sent off to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

The injury happened right off a faceoff in the offensive zone as a Syracuse player was interfered with after the puck was dropped. The momentum carried him to the ice with his legs in the air and one of his skates caught the forearm of Paul where their is no padding, right where the glove ends.

Paul then immediately skated away holding his left arm to the bench as the players from both sides yelled for a stoppage of play and slammed their sticks along the boards which then the whistle was finally blown.

Andrews proceeded to race Paul off to the locker room in front of a stunned Senators home crowd. Play was later resumed after some time off for the players to recollect themselves while the ice crew cleaned up the trail of blood on the ice.

There is no word on his condition at the moment but I will edit in as news filters in.

I have the recap of the game coming up.

UPDATE; Paul was seen out with his family in town and looks to be fine.

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