Can you name the 2002-03 Ottawa Senators roster?

34 players took part in at least one game for the Sens that season

With Chris Phillips retiring, there's been a lot of reminiscing about his OT Game 6-winning goal against the Devils in the 2002-03 playoffs. The question is, how well do you remember the team that got to that point? Completely ripping off Winging it in Motown (who completely ripped off Bless You Boys), here's a quick quiz to see how well you really remember that team. No cheating, or at least no cheating unless you admit to it in the comments. Name every player who played at least one game for the Ottawa Senators in 2002-03. Enjoy!

If you've never played a Sporcle quiz before, it's pretty easy. Click the green button that says "PLAY", and then type your answers into the box. If you have a correct answer, it will automatically accept it as soon as it is typed -- no need to press enter. Full names or last names will be accepted by the quiz.

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