Move On

After a controversy-filled game one the Senators - and the fans - can only do one thing: move on.

After game one was predictably filled with talking points both on and off the ice there's only one way the team can respond:

Move on.

P.K. Subban got away with an inadvertent swing at J.G. Pageau's head in game one while attempting to play the puck. He was correctly assessed a five minute penalty and game misconduct for his two-handed chop at Mark Stone's wrist. He wasn't, however, suspended. Whether or not Subban threatened Stone before the slash doesn't really matter either at this point. The organization and the fans are upset about this but there isn't much we can do that's productive, especially for the players. Retaliatory acts are dangerous and ill-conceived at the best of times but with your team already down a game in the series, such an act is downright indefensible.

Move on.

Mark Stone's injured, there's no way around that. It's unfortunate and the Sens are a much better team with a healthy Stone in the line-up than a probable Chris Neil as his replacement. But Ottawa can't get caught up in losing the team's best forward, the Sens have to find a way to salvage at least one game in Montreal with the players available.

Move on.

Not a fan of Dave Cameron's post-game comments on Wednesday night or do you like what he said? Either way Murray and Cameron preached a disciplined approach to game two on Thursday. Make no mistake, they're still furious but they know the series is still up for grabs and the deciding factors are ahead, not behind.

Move on.

Hate the CBC/Sportsnet coverage which seems to favour big market clubs in their commentary and analysis while gravitating toward the two distinction polls of traditional Canadian hockey fandom?

I can't help you there, they've got the rights for 11 more years.

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