Monday Morning Senators Trivia

Easing your way back to work? Looking to kill some time? Why not play some Senators trivia! Don't use the internet and see if you get stumped! Cheat and impress Ian Mendes! I'll post the answers when I feel like it.

1. Who scored the first hat trick in Senators history?

2. Which former Senator is also tied for 3rd most goals all-time against Ottawa with 25?

3. What is the most number of sellouts the Senators have had in a single season? Which year was this record set?

4. How many players who have spent time in the Senators organization have played in 1,000 or more NHL games?

5. Who holds the record for most penalties in a period as a Senator?

6. How many Senators have represented the team at the NHL all-star game?

7. What is the most number of power plays the Senators have had in one game?

8. Who has logged the most minutes in a Senators uniform?

9. What is Ottawa's all-time playoff record when scoring first?

10. What was the first trade in Senators history?

11. When did the Senators unveil a third jersey for the first time?

12. Who has the most goals in a single playoff series in Senators history? How many goals did he score?

13. What happened on November 9, 1999?

14. Who has the highest shooting percentage in Senators history?

15. Who took the first penalty in team history?

16. How many players have played for the Senators?

17. Five players have scored four goals in a game as a Senator. Who are they?

18. Which goalie has the most points all-time as a Senator?

19. What happened on January 9, 2003?

20. How many players have played just one game for the Senators?

21. Three players who have spent time in Ottawa have scored 50 or more goals in a season, who are they?

22. Who scored the fastest shorthanded goal in team history?

23. How many players and members of management have represented their country at the Olympics in as season in which they were part of the Senators organization?

24. Who scored the first penalty shot in team history?

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