Monday Links, News and Notes: NHL Players Speaking Out

This week’s edition features NHLers speaking out against racism and police violence, as well as the usual, more lighthearted content.

We come here to discuss hockey and the Ottawa Senators, however there are stories outside of the sport that can’t be ignored. In this edition of Links, News, and Notes we step outside the sporting world for a moment.

A few NHL players have voiced their support for victims of racism in response to recent tragic events, primarily revolving around police brutality. After seeing the underwhelming response to previous instances of racism and misogyny within the sport of hockey, it’s encouraging to see more players including Anthony Duclair, as well as former Senators Kyle Turris and Nick Foligno, speaking up about these issues in a general setting:

All statements by players have been compiled by the NHLPA, you can access them here.

  • On a different note, Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath on Twitter) has handily calculated the probabilities for all of Ottawa’s draft lottery scenarios:/

The most likely scenario is picking 4th and 5th overall, but the Senators also have a 62.8% chance of gaining at least one top-3 pick, which is fantastic.

  • The Buffalo Sabres have not qualified for the playoffs since 2011, and the frustration is starting to wear on superstar forward Jack Eichel./

“Listen, I’m fed up with [it],” the Buffalo Sabres captain said Thursday. “I’m fed up and I’m frustrated … I’d be lying if I said I’m not getting frustrated with the way things are going.”

Eichel finished the 2019-20 NHL season with 78 points in 68 games, and has six more years left on his eight-year, $10M per year contract that he signed on October 3rd, 2017. Any talk of a potential change of scenery is purely speculative, though the recent quotes definitely sparked discussions of what a trade return for the 23-year-old could look like. It’s way too early for Ottawa to make a move like this, but it’s still fun to discuss what they’d have to give up for a player of Eichel’s caliber.

  • One team that’s taken advantage of the NHL being on pause is the Arizona Coyotes. They’ve taken the opportunity to rebrand, as they announced on Friday that they’re bringing back their popular “Kachina” jerseys for their home games once hockey resumes./

Senators fans can relate, as many have been hoping for a switch to the heritage ‘O’ logo or the 2-D centurion. Perhaps those changes will arrive sometime during the off-season? We can only hope.

  • To close out, let’s wish our former captain a happy belated birthday!/

Seven years left on his $11.5M/year contract, by the way. Good luck, Sharks!

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