Monday LNN: Dzingel’s New Number, Karlsson’s Struggles and More

Are you interested in a cold shattered puck?

The Ottawa Senators gave us a much needed thrilling win this weekend. Will the momentum carry over to this week? In a crucial week that sees games against the Toronto Maple Leafs; Sens fans are eager to see what kind of puck luck we get to see.

In the meantime, let’s see what news and we have to start off the week:

  • The news of Ryan Dzingel’s comeback to Ottawa has been met with mostly positive reviews. While Dzingel was a very likeable player in Ottawa, much has changed since his departure including the availability of his jersey number. Dzingel wore #18 when he was in Ottawa but as well all know, it is now taken by a more iconic figure, Tim Stützle. Dzingel didn’t leave us wondering what his new number will be and the Sens announced last night that he will be wearing #10./
  • It’s always nice when NHL players get the opportunity to give back to the organizations that helped them rise to glory. John Tavares and Sam Gagner will just do that as they take over the operations the Toronto Marlboros. The details of their involvement are still unclear but it’s safe to say; this can is good news for the team.
  • The world’s longest hockey game being played in Edmonton will be coming to an end this morning with a hefty $1.5M already raised for the Cross Cancer Institute. Temperatures were so cold in Edmonton, a puck shattered into two pieces when it hit the goalie’s helmet; if that is not worth all our support I don’t know what is! That puck is being placed on auction to raise more money as the organizers hope to get their funds up to $2M. You can donate here if you’re interested.
  • There was a lot of talk surrounding Erik Karlsson’s lack of play in the third period in the Saturday loss against the Las Vegas Golden Knights but it appears it wasn’t based on bad performance, but a lingering injury./

Nobody knows what’s going on with Erik Karlsson in San Jose at this point but the fans are not happy for sure. For Sens fans, some are still nostalgic for their old Captain and others are happy we “dodged a bullet”. How long will the Sharks’ patience continue with Karlsson and how can they possibly fix the $11.5M problem they have on hand? Eat up half his salary and bring him back home?

  • Personally, I didn’t think Alex Galchenyuk was a complete failure for the Sens but he’s not a player that will be missed. That being said, it’s been a rough 48 hours for the young player as right after he was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes he got put on waivers yesterday. Another notable name on the waiver list is Montreal Canadiens’ Paul Byron. The 31 year old has 3 assists in 14 games this season and is set to go on the team’s tax squad. I heard people rumbling about the Sens picking him, but that should be a hard no./

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