Monday LNN: Canada wins WJC, NHL Free Agency and More!

It’s your Monday Links, News, and Notes

Welcome back for another Monday edition of the Links, News, and Notes:

With Nazem Kadri signed, virtually all of the free agents are now spoken for. ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski and Kristen Shilton have grades for all of the signings.

  • After missing out on Nazem Kadri, the New York Islanders have signed a couple of their own free agents. I’ve said it before but besides the San Jose Sharks, the Isles are real contenders for the worst cap situation in the league. It sure looks to me like hard, hard times ahead in Long Island.
  • Carey Price’s had a rough go of it lately, and it seems like the tough times are continuing unfortunately: the Habs goalie is “unlikely” to play at all next season.
  • The 2023 NHL Awards and Entry Draft will both be held in Nashville. This is pure off-season fluff, barely noteworthy, and I wouldn’t mention it except to say that Nashville is a great to hold the draft and awards. If you have not been to Nashville, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Maybe SB Nation will pay for me to fly there and cover the events wink, wink, nudge, nudge/

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