Monday Links, News and Notes: NHL in North Dakota and Important 2-year Anniversaries

Lehner’s Sobriety and Pitre’s Long Lasting Memory

So the third week has come and gone; at least I think it’s the third week. All of the days look the same now, but that doesn’t mean we would miss the crucial Monday links. Without further introduction, below are some of the week’s most interesting news.

Robin Lehner

His time with the Ottawa Senators wasn’t as magical as we had hoped yet he was a memorable goalie and always will be. When news of his troubles came out, few were surprised as Lehner was obviously suffering and we were all happy he was getting the help he needed. In a tweet on Saturday, Lehner tweeted a thankful post celebrating his two-year sobriety anniversary. We’re all happy for Lehner for enjoying his new peaceful life and wish him a long journey of sobriety.

NHL Players’ Healthcare Assistance

It is not news that right now, healthcare workers all over the world need all the help they can get. The most critical item on the list at the moment is masks. Artemi Panarin, Sergei Bobrovsky and a few of the New York Islanders’ players united to arrange the purchase and delivery of N95 masks in their respective markets. While monetary donations are a fantastic contribution, being able to provide specific resources directly to the people who need it to the most is absolutely incredible.

NHL in North Dakota?

Few people know what will happen with the NHL season and whether one will even be played within the next few months. A suggestion was put forward to limit the locations where the NHL would resume its games, although at this point I don’t think there really is a safe place to start introducing sports events. Elliotte Friedman suggested that the NHL may be looking at North Dakota as a potential location to resume NHL games with no fan attendance. One of the main reasons North Dakota was suggested is the availability of an arena that is fitting to standard. In addition, North Dakota holds a low population density which would make it easier for implementing safety measures for players and staff.

Jonathan Pitre

In Ottawa, our small community will always remember its heroes and inspiring angels. Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of young Pitre’s unfortunate death after a long, hard fought inspirational life that captured the hearts of everyone in Ottawa and the hockey community. James Duthie has always been a great friend to the Pitre family and his tribute brought back all the great memories Jonathan had provided us with. Rest in peace sweet boy.

New Concussion Plan?

In some interesting news out of North Bay, a hockey coach has released a book that will allegedly help curb concussions in hockey. According to Dan Sellin, the information in his book is based on science and not just a “personal opinion”. He is hoping that the information in his book, which includes a specific plan, is taken seriously and implemented at early stages of hockey development. The plan, according to Sellin, doesn’t involve new equipment or harsher punishments on head shots: it simply includes a new method of coaching and practicing.

“We need to change the way players practice. We do not need to change one rule in the game of hockey. We do not need to change the game at all. We only need to change the way we practice. My CPN program takes the phrase ‘how you practice is how you play’ to a more scientific level– ‘what’s in your brain is how you play!’. CPN trains players to stop playing with their head down, teaching them how to play with their head up ” - Selin.

It’s an interesting concept, at least interesting enough to take a read through his book with all the free time you’ve got?

Humboldt Broncos

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the tragic Saskatchewan bus crash that took the lives of sixteen people from the Humboldt Broncos and their support staff. I just ask that we all take a minute to remember their loss and maybe leave a hockey stick outside our front doors for the week.

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