Mike Hoffman Awarded $2m Contract

Final result much closer to the team's starting point than Hoffman's

The much-delayed results of Mike Hoffman's arbitration hearing were released Monday afternoon. The final result came in as a $2m, one year contract. This result is far closer to the Senators starting number of $1.75m than to the $3.4m the Hoffman camp was asking for. It is also well below what most people were expecting him to receive.

Hoffman, of course, lead the team with 27 goals in his first full NHL season. He also had a respectable 21 assists and came in at 5th overall for the Sens in points with 48.

With this decision, the Senators second buy-out window opens on Thursday and remains open for 24 hours. With the budget-friendly decision, though, it's unlikely that the Sens would be buying anyone out. If you're wondering if you can still dream of a Colin Greening buyout - remember there is a minimum AAV for a contract to be bought out in this window. That amount set at just under $3m this season, so Greening isn't an option.

Not only is the value incredible for the team, but Hoffman will still be a RFA for his next contract.

You can read the official release in English here, et en Français ici.

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