Mid-Season Report Cards: Votes Revealed!

The staff and fan voting is revealed in the final installment of our Mid-Season Report Cards

Today brings to a close our week-long Mid-Season Report Card series. We’re firm believers in transparency here at Silver Seven Sens, so I now present to you the full ballots:

Ballots Revealed

PlayersFan VoteAryBrandonColinN_Dewnkbthedaigle1RossShaan
Artem AnisimovCC-CD+D+C+DC+C+
Rudolfs BalcersC+B+CB+C+CAB-B-
Drake BathersonB-BB-B+BCCC+B-
Jean-Cristophe BeaudinCCC-DC-DCC-D+
Mikkel BoedkerDFFFFFDFD+
Connor BrownB+B-AC+A-BCA-A-
Logan BrownB-B+C-A-CBAA-B-
Filip ChlapikB-BC+A-C+BAB-B
Anthony DuclairA-B+ABA+A-BAA
Tyler EnnisB+B+B+BC+B+BA-A-
Vladislav NamestnikovB-CC+D+CC+DCC+
Jean-Gabriel PageauAA-AAAABAA
Nick PaulBB-A-C+BBCB+B+
Bobby RyanC-C+D+B-DCBDC-
Scott SabourinD+D-D+FDDDCD+
Chris TierneyB-CBCC+BDC-B
Brady TkachukA-A-AAA+AABB+
Colin WhiteC+C-C+C-D+CBC+C+
DefenseFan VoteAryBrandonColinN_Dewnkbthedaigle1RossShaan
Mark BorowieckiB+CAD+B-C+CA-A
Erik BrannstromC+CBCB-B-BC+B-
Thomas ChabotA-BABA-A-BBB+
Dylan DeMeloA-AAA+AA-AB+A
Andreas EnglundC-D-D+FDDDDD
Cody GoloubefC-FDFDDDDD
Ron HainseyB-DB+D-FD+CBB-
Mike ReillyB-CB+CCB-BC+B-
Nikita ZaitsevC+FB-FC+D-FD+C
GoaliesFan VoteAryBrandonColinN_Dewnkbthedaigle1RossShaan
Craig AndersonC+C-CC-CD+CC-C
Marcus HogbergB+B-BB+B+C+BB+B+
Anders NilssonB+BBCB+B+BB-B+
Coaching/ManagementFan VoteAryBrandonColinN_Dewnkbthedaigle1RossShaan
D.J. SmithB+CA-CBB+CB+A-
Pierre DorionBB+A-BCB+CB-B+

Let us know what you think in the comments, and how you think thing might change in the second part of the season!

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