Melnyk on the Radio, Hemsky Retires and A Draft Announcement?

Monday links, news and notes.

As things start to look up in the world, fan are starting to look back to hockey for a glimmer of hope that some things will go back to some form of normalcy. While NHL talks are heating up about a potential return, words by Toronto Mayor John Tory about no sports returning soon leave fans with many mixed messages, so will we have a Stanley Cup ceremony this season? The playoff discussion and other reported news in this week’s edition of the Monday links.

  • If you had somehow missed Eugene Melnyk’s legendary (and often disastrous) radio interviews from the past, don’t worry, as he toned it down on his latest radio hit, although there was nothing earth-shattering about this one. As usual, The Fan 590 got the honour of his presence with a few interesting tidbits about the team’s future. It included Melnyk giving his utmost confidence that we will start seeing the fruits of the team’s labour soon, that the “MelnykOut” billboards were somehow part of our patience and his hard work, and that he is sure the Stanley Cup will be awarded this season.
  • Speaking of the Stanley Cup, Pierre LeBrun from The Athletic had an interesting update about the ongoing talks between the NHL and NHLPA. He also mentions the possibility of an announcement regarding a June draft this week, which we, as Sens fans, can agree on as the most important NHL announcement of the summer./
  • There was a time when we thought the Sens had finally found the perfect partner for Jason Spezza via a trade with the Edmonton Oilers that brought Ales Hemsky to Ottawa. I remember the buzz around the first few games where it seemed like the two were clicking, and foolishly enough, I thought it would last. Unfortunately, both Spezza and Hemsky ended their tenures with the Senators shortly after, but as someone who had been watching the Oilers regularly during Hemsky’s best days, I can truly appreciate what he brought to the game. On Saturday, the 36-year old forward announced his retirement after playing 15 seasons and 845 games between the Oilers, Senators, Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens.
  • A lawsuit against the Canadian Hockey League that had lasted for six years was settled on Friday with the CHL having to pay $30 million by October 2020. The lawsuit claimed CHL players should be treated like employees and be paid at least minimum wage while the CHL claimed that their players are student amateur players. While the final ruling was in the CHL’s favour, this settlement will at least give the players some extra monetary compensation./

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