Media Round-Up: Obviously Coming in Hot Edition

The Senators made two huge announcements this morning, the re-signing of Bobby Ryan and the captaincy of Erik Karlsson.

It's been a busy morning in Ottawa with lots of excitement. Here's a round-up of this morning's news.

Bobby Ryan signing announcement:
Bobby Ryan contract breakdown:

Again, this looks like a pretty decent deal for both the player and the team. Ryan would likely have commanded at least this if he hit the open market in the summer (maybe more if the 2015 UFA class ends up as weak as it's looking). With the $10M+ deals handed out this summer to superstars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, $7M+ looks like fairly reasonable star money. Ryan's contract is pretty similar in dollars to the deal Spezza signed at the beginning of the 2007-2008 (which would kick in the following year). The cap was $56M then, it will probably be $10M more at least when the first season of Ryan's new deal kicks in and keep rising.

Bobby Ryan quotes:

When a player signs a seven-year deal to remain with your organization, he probably likes both the city and the fit he has with the team. Still, it's always nice to hear this kind of positive reinforcement.

That Dan Seguin tweet is interesting. It seems like the September rumoured/leaked contract details about the Ryan detail were, for the most part, accurate, but the Seguin tweet suggest the seven-year term is a recent development.

The Reign of King Karlsson:

Poor Chris Phillips. Seriously though, it's glad to see the organization fully embracing the present and future of this club and moving away from a leadership group that is increasingly part of the past (or other teams).

Karlsson quotes:

Karlsson is still relatively young, but he's already spent five seasons in the NHL. Only Chris Phillips and Chris Neil have been Senators for longer than Karlsson and he's been in the capital as long as Milan Michalek. It might sound weird after an era of lifers and near-lifers, but Karlsson represents longevity in Ottawa. One of the worries about giving younger players the captaincy is that they're not ready for it, but Karlsson wants the honour and roll and has been around longer than most young captains in the league.

The inevitable Aflie quotes:

I'm glad this was a thing this morning.

Marc Methot:

Poor Methot. It looks like the leaked Ryan contract details were accurate (keep in mind the Seguin tweet) and if that's the case the situation just got a lot harder for the Methot camp. The public negotiating in September didn't help the player's cause in the eyes of many fans and Ryan committing long term to the organization won't either.

Without knowing the team's budget for next season or how much TV broadcasting rights with improve things, it's hard to know if signing both Ryan and Methot are in the team's plans. The Senators have reservations about committing big money to Methot long term and with the log jam on the blue line, plus Methot's perceived value, trade talk might increase.

How we're all feeling:

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