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Long-Form Wednesday

Should we trust the Sens to understand what makes a player good at defence?

We explore historical data, outline reasons for pessimism, and outline reasons for optimism

Assessing the State of the Atlantic Division

What is the Atlantic Division going to look like this season?

The Long-term Benefits of Ottawa’s Draft Strategy

The apparent lack of high-end talent in their prospect pool could be nothing more than a myth.

Potential Centre Targets for the Senators

The Sens are on the hunt for help up the middle.

Year in Review: Drake Batherson

It was a good, if bumpy, year for the Drake

Connor Brown’s Broken Out in a New Role With Ottawa

The Senators have needed him to be a viable option in the top-six, and he’s delivered so far.

Projecting the Wildcard Race in the 2022 Season

The Senators will have a tough battle ahead of them if they want to nab a wildcard berth next season.

Projecting the Atlantic Division in the 2022 Season

Is there a road to the playoffs for the Senators next season?

The Importance of Cemented Roles This Season

Key young players have made the jump from probable NHLers to actual full-time guys, which is easily the biggest cause for celebration this season

Looking Ahead to Dorion’s Crucial Offseason

An expansion draft and several key contract negotiations will need immediate attention after the 2021 season

Belleville Midseason Review

Two games away from the halfway point of their season, let’s take a look at how Belleville has fared thus far.

Senators Trade Chips: Who might be dealt before the deadline?

The trade deadline is on April 12th: who could be on the move from the Senators?

May Be Time for Sens, Brown to Part Ways

Time is running out, if it hasn’t already.

What’s Up With Zub?

What do the Sens have in Artem Zub?

A Nostalgic Thought

I know they’re bad, but we sure did miss them

Belleville Training Camp Preview

While we await the opening of AHL training camps, let’s dive in to the returnees, newcomers and story lines to watch as the AHL season gets under way in a few short weeks.

The Unique Absurdity of Sens Fandom in 2021

It’s still hard to figure out how to feel about this team’s future

T25U25 Honourable Mentions for 2020

Who JUST missed the cut for our annual countdown?

Paul Maclean Was Underrated

The ‘Stache deserves recognition as a standout among coaches in Ottawa Senators history.

Do You Trust the Ottawa Senators?

What does it mean for a fan to trust the team they cheer for?

Introducing Your BSens All-Time All-Stars

Looking purely at their contributions at the AHL level, which members of the Senators organization would make the BSens All-Time All-Stars?

Where’s The Rebuild At, Anyways?

Just how far are the Sens from contending?

Borowiecki, Morissette, and Doing the Right Thing

The former Senators’ impact will be missed from coast to coast.

Expect White to Bounce Back in 2020-21

Despite an underwhelming 2019-20 season, there’s still plenty to like about the two-way forward’s game.

A Look At Every Top-5 Pick in Sens History

What to repeat, and what to learn from.

The Senators Should Make All of Their Draft Picks in the 2020 NHL Draft

The organization needs to look at all their options, especially given the current state of their prospect system.

A Case Study on Handling Defence Prospects: Erik Brännström

The Ottawa Senators have done an exemplary job with handling the promising Swede’s development this year.

Cap Struggle Trade Targets

The Sens should be aggressive in trying to take these teams’ awful contracts

Obscure Sens stats

Sometimes it’s fun to just look for weird outliers in history

Vitaly Abramov: Belleville’s Unsung Hero

With every deep prospect pipeline comes great fanfare for those at the top. This week, we’ll take a look at Vitaly Abramov’s second season with the Belleville Senators and why he shouldn’t be disregarded as a contender for a roster spot.

The Sens Shouldn’t Trade 3rd and 5th for 1st Overall.....or Should They?

On its face it seems like an obvious choice, but maybe things aren’t quite as they seemed

The Right “Mann” For the Job

The Chief Amateur Scout has earned our trust going into the 2020 draft.


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