LNN: Zub Out For a While, Point Streaks, Team Sale and More

It’s the Monday Edition of Links, News, and Notes

Another day, another dollar am I right? With the Ottawa Senators coming off back-to-back wins over the weekend, you wouldn’t be blamed for feeling like the good vibes might just last forever. Alas, Monday comes for us all. Luckily we have Links, News, and Notes to help ease us back into the pain of working for a living:

  • I’m a big believer in hearing the bad news first, so we should get this out of the way off the top. Artem Zub’s injury appears to be at least moderately serious, as Darren Dreger is reporting the defender will miss extended time after taking a puck to the face on Friday vs. the New York Rangers:/
  • The sale of the Senators appears to be closing in on the finish line. Ian Mendes breaks down the latest for the Athletic ($). There are a lot of really great details in there, and I implore you to read the piece if you want to be up to date. The biggest stand-out section to me:/

While the actual debt load being carried by the franchise is unknown, sources with direct knowledge of the financials involved estimate the Senators likely owe in the neighbourhood of at least $300 million.

It has long been common knowledge that the issue hampering the Sens’ financial viability was debt servicing, but I don’t believe we’d ever seen even a estimate of the size of the debt before. Interest on $300 million is a lot of money!

In case anyone needs reminding:

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