Links News and Notes: International Women’s Day, More Teams Opting Out of Pride Jerseys

It’s the Thursday edition of Links, News and Notes!

  • Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and Ian Kennedy reported that the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association plans on establishing a women’s chapter. He later clarified that the chapter is for writers focusing on women’s hockey, and not for female writers. I’m interested to see where this goes, and hope it will lead to more coverage of women’s sports./
  • Another update on teenage Slovakian phenom Nela Lopusanova: after torching the Slovak women’s and men’s leagues as a teenager, she’s moving to the States to study at a high school just outside of Rochester, NY and  play on their U19 women’s hockey team. It’s a huge decision for a 15-year-old, but the US has much better women’s hockey programs than Slovakia does, so this is probably the right decision for her hockey career. I can’t wait to see what incredible heights she’s able to reach.
  • The Athletic ($$) caught up with Claire Thompson, who won Gold for Canada at last year’s Olympics, and is now playing NCAA hockey while in Medical School.
  • Some Sens fans may already be aware of Oliver Bonk, the son of former Ottawa Senator Radek Bonk and a draft-eligible prospect projected to go in the second round of this summer’s NHL entry draft. His current team, the London Knights, just released a clip of an upcoming video, where it looks like one of Bonk’s teammates is going around asking players who they think is going to win the Stanley Cup this year. Bonk’s answer is iconic./

My favourite part of the clip actually isn’t that Bonk thinks the Sens are winning the cup. It’s that the teammate anticipates that answer, getting ahead of it by imploring him not to name Ottawa. This suggests that Oliver Bonk regularly talks about how he thinks the Sens are winning the Cup. I fear I’m obsessed, and I’m already trying to come up with ways the Sens can trade up into the second round to draft him this summer.

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