"Preferred" LeBreton Bid to be Presented to NCC - and Public - Next Thursday

Surprisingly the presentation is part of a public meeting

Word came down today that the "preferred" LeBreton Flats proponent would be presented to the NCC Board on Thursday, April 28th. That in itself isn't too surprising, it was on the timeline for "Spring 2016", with sometime in April being expected. The surprising part is that this is a meeting open to the public, when the NCC's cone of silence was expected to remain firmly in place until sometime in 2017. That's a pretty big departure for the typically secretive NCC, and the reasons why are anybody's guess. Maybe after all the pre-consultation leaks, they just assumed this would be leaked too.

While we should know the likely winner after this, it's worth remembering this is just a recommendation from the evaluation committee. There is still a whole lot of process left to go through before anything is finalized. Negotiations between the NCC and the selected proponent are expected to last until sometime in the fall, and that will be followed by the Federal approval process.

The meeting is scheduled for 9am, though the LeBreton Flats portion is on the proposed agenda for 2pm. You can get the full details of the meeting, as well as a webcast of it on the day-of, here. In the meantime, you can brush up on both bids and the whole process to date with our coverage.

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