Injury Update Media Round-up


First up, we've got the most recent injuries to Robin Lehner and Clarke MacArthur. Lehner was placed on IR yesterday, but we hadn't received any further information on the nature or severity of his injury. Finally, this morning, we've gotten some updates.

No surprises there, concussions for both were pretty much the overwhelming majority of the speculation. The question is, how bad?

Well then. MacArthur is out for at least another week, and Lehner is still iffy for Wednesday. We might just get to see the NHL debut of Chris Driedger on Wednesday or Thursday as part of the back to back in Anaheim and LA.

Chris Neil will be out for an additional 3-4 weeks after having surgery on his thumb and a plate inserted, which severely reduces his trade value to any bubble teams. But he'll be back in time for the playoffs, potential contenders!

Then straight from the team itself, a not-really-much-news update on Zack Smith. He is expected to travel with the team, but is not expected to play.

If you were hoping for updates across the board, sorry - no news on either Craig Anderson or Chris Phillips.

Update - Some (not much) on Anderson:

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