LNN: Hilary Knight’s Legacy, Reynolds Speaks About the Sens, and New Information About Hockey Canada

It’s the Monday edition of Links, News and Notes!

The Ottawa Senators earned a split on the weekend with a special-teams fueled win on Saturday over the Detroit Red Wings, and a tight loss on Sunday vs. the Minnesota Wild. They’re 6-2-1 in December, and have clawed their back into the fringes of the play-off race. With three big games left before the Christmas break, the importance of this week’s games is high. While we bide our time before Tuesday’s match-up with the Winnipeg Jets, let’s check out what’s going on around the rest of the hockey world:

  1. The woman told the police that an “older, well dressed man” was with the hockey players at the bar where she met them. This person allegedly bought the players drinks, poured liquor into her mouth, and made suggestive comments toward her. Though we cannot say anything definitively, the reporting seems to suggested the gentleman in question may have been affiliated with Hockey Canada as he is “identified as a person whose ‘occupation’ requires him to attend ‘functions such as this.’”. The court filing further alleges that someone at Hockey Canada warned one of the players that the police had been contacted about the assault, prompting him to harass the survivor on social media. I point this out to highlight just how deep these problems run, and how many people at Hockey Canada seemingly were complicit in what happened in 2018.
  2. The NHL has been saying recently that their independent investigation into the alleged assault is pretty much done, but that they plan to coordinate with the London police before releasing their findings. This court filing gives us an idea of how that police investigation is going. It’s been two months, but it sounds like they have reasonable grounds to believe the assault happened and are likely to be pressing charges. This could provide some hope that the NHL might take this seriously, and that there might be a resolution in a criminal court.

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