The Noon Number: Three

3 - The number of game-winning goals for each of Zack Smith and Bobby Butler, more than any other player on the Ottawa Senators.

Butler has only five goals this year, meaning Mr. Clutch has made the most of his limited production by winning games with 60 per cent of his goals. As a matter of fact, with just 53 shots so far this season, Butler has a 5.6 per cent game-winning-goal-shooting-percentage. Butler's game-winners have come against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, and Calgary Flames. He's also got one shootout-winning goal. In summary, Bobby: Shoot more.

Perhaps as surprising as Z. Smith's 12 goals this season is his number of game-winners. But he probably doesn't give a crap. Z. Smith's game-winners were against the Winnipeg Jets and Carolina Hurricanes on back-to-back nights and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Note: "Noon Number" is a new (hopefully) daily series of quick posts about interesting statistics related to the Ottawa Senators.

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