Game something or other: B-Sens at Penguins

Are you sick of talking about shitty defensemen? Let's watch some friggin' hockey!

Ottawa's training camp will be starting soon. You wanna see why Jakob Silfverberg is going to make the team and Mark Stone isn't? You want to see why people are talking about Wiercioch as being ready to play in the NHL? You'd better watch some Binghamton Senators games.

Like tonight. Tonight, the B-Sens take on the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. I hate these guys. Skating around like they're all that. Screw them. Pretty much anyone you'd want the Pittsburgh Penguins to give back to the Ottawa Senators, you can see in action tonight.

Soon, you're going to forget about the B-Sens, if you ever even cared about them in the first place. You'll be like that jerk who spent all that time in the gym your first semester away from home, and then on Christmas break you're too good for your first girlfriend because she's still just a senior but you're into "women" now. Yeah, sure, tough guy.

Bottom line: Don't be that guy. Watch this game with us. Or get called out when you start talking about who should play where: I didn't see you in the GDT is going to be the new Are you an expert?

The choice is yours.

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