Game 68 Prediction Panel: Ottawa Senators @ Carolina Hurricanes

Battle for the shrinking bubble

Remember to put your predictions in the comments to this post by the scheduled start time for it to count as an entry in our prediction contest! You can read the full rules on that here, and see the results and all of the entries (might both be a bit way behind) here.

3-2 Senators
GWG: Mark Stone

Stone continues his strong play and the Senators beat a Hurricanes lineup that has struggled to score all year.

Record: 36-31, 41 Points
1 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals


No pick submitted.

Record: 34-33, 41 Points
6 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

5-3 Hurricanes
GWG: Jeff Skinner

I think the wind may be out of the sails a little bit in this one for Ottawa, while the Canes might still be clinging to their slim chances.

Record: 32-35, 36 Points
3 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

4-3 Hurricanes
GWG: Jeff Skinner

Remember Artūrs Irbe? Yeah, me too.

Record: 36-31, 47 Points
5 Exact Scores, 6 Game Winning Goals

4-0 Senators
GWG: Bobby Ryan

Sens lay a beat-down on their Eastern Conference rival as they pot 3 powerplay goals to take the W.

Record: 33-34, 39 Points
2 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals

3-2 Senators
GWG: Mark Stone

Mark Stone will rock Carolina like a Hurricane. I'll show myself out.

Record: 4-3, 4 Points
0 Exact Scores, 0 Game Winning Goals


3-1 Senators

GWG: Mika Zibanejad

Carolina dealt away their captain, but they still have a team that can compete with anyone on most nights. Unfortunately they often get undone by their goaltending, and Cam Ward won't help matters tonight.

Record: 35-32, 39 Points
1 Exact Scores, 3 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Senators
GWG: Mark Stone

Ottawa's been so terrible against the Canes for so long. But this season they've been better, and I think this'll be another win.

Record: 29-38, 31 Points
1 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

3-2 Hurricanes
GWG: Justin Faulk

I never trust the Sens to win a game in Carolina, because it almost never happens. I'll stick with the trends on this one as they will blow a lead in the 3rd period.

Record: 31-36, 42 Points
5 Exact Scores, 6 Game Winning Goals

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