Game 53 Prediction Panel: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Ottawa Senators

A Hockey Day win?

Remember to put your predictions in the comments to this post by the scheduled start time for it to count as an entry in our prediction contest! You can read the full rules on that here, and see the results and all of the entries (might both be a bit way behind) here.

5-2 Senators
GWG: Mike Hoffman

The Senators finally give some fans all that they want. That is to beat the Maple Leafs in a tough road game in Kanata. As always, Mike Hoffman is great and Erik Karlsson is also great.

Record: 29-23, 33 Points
0 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Maple Leafs
GWG: Nazem Kadri

Saturday night against a bottom-five Leafs squad? You just know the Senators are going to lose. (as a Sens fan in Toronto, I’ve been scarred from these games too many times)

Record: 27-25, 32 Points
4 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

6-2 Maple Leafs
GWG: Nazem Kadri

Rock bottom? That's tonight.

Record: 26-26, 30 Points
3 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

5-2 Senators
GWG: Mark Stone

Leo Komarov was Toronto’s All-Star this season. Bury them.

Record: 27-25, 35 Points
3 Exact Scores, 5 Game Winning Goals

3-1 Senators
GWG: Mika Zibanejad

Ottawa wins a special teams battle against the Leafs by scoring three times on the powerplay.

Record: 26-26, 31 Points
2 Exact Scores, 3 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Maple Leafs
GWG: Nazem Kadri

The Sens will deserve this one but goalie play will be the difference: the Leafs get a great performance from theirs, and the Sens do not

Record: 27-25, 29 Points
0 Exact Scores, 2 Game Winning Goals

4-0 Senators
GWG: Mike Hoffman

Toronto's done trying for the season. Ottawa takes it in a walk.

Record: 23-29, 24 Points
0 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

3-2 Maple Leafs
GWG: Joffrey Lupul

Like what Ary said, I've seen this movie too many times. The Leafs are a team with a dearth of talent, but somehow Ottawa will find a way to lose this one.

Record: 24-28, 32 Points
3 Exact Scores, 5 Game Winning Goals

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