Five Thoughts for Friday

Some thoughts on the week that was, including Colin Greening, the It’s On Us campaign and important conversations.

After a trip to Canada's west end last week, the Sens had the majority of this week off. The team played their first game since the weekend on Thursday night against the Nashville Predators. Despite a lack of Sens games to talk about, there are plenty of off-ice topics that deserve our attention.

1) Mika Zibanejad

The question of what to do with Mika Zibanejad has come up a few times so far this season. Staff here at Silver Seven Sens weighed in with their thoughts on the young forward this week, and the general consensus is: Don't panic yet, he might just need different linemates.

True, he is still young. True, he hasn't been able to find much chemistry with his most popular linemate Alex Chiasson. But at what point does the team start looking at other options on how to spark Zibanejad's game? He has a mere four points in 17 games, and sits at -2 on the season. Clearly, something isn't working.

Some local media think sending him down to Binghamton for a period of time might be the answer. Although, that was when he was waiver exempt. The fact that he now requires waivers makes this a little more difficult. And at this point in his career, it's hard not to worry about what that might do to his mentality.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then the Sens need to make a change in order to find a solution to Zibanejad's slow start.

2) It's On Us

You've probably noticed the change in logo at the top-left of this page. It's all part of the It's On Us campaign, aimed at spreading awareness about sexual assault. Despite its good intensions, this campaign sparked a discussion that it may not have intended to. Some of our writers shared their thoughts this week on where the campaign could have used improvement. You can read both articles by Amelia and Sheer Craziness, which outline some very good points regarding the campaign.

My thoughts? I agree with pretty much all of the critiques on how the campaign was executed. That being said, I think it deserves some credit for attempting to generate a much-needed discussion. Regardless of the campaign's faults, I believe the intensions were honourable, and if it gets even a few people talking, then it's made somewhat of a difference. Like many, I honestly wish we didn't need campaigns like this.

3) Jack Johnson

Now for some non-Sens talk (only for a minute, I promise). I want to discuss the unfortunate situation taking place in Columbus. As you may have heard, Jack Johnson filed for bankruptcy this week. The story goes that his parents mismanaged his funds for a number of years, and now he owes up to $15 million, with a fraction of that in assets.

Back in 2011, Johnson handed over power of attorney to his mother, giving her full control of his finances. After a couple of years, a house in California and some ill-advised loans, Johnson finds himself in a mountain of debt, which even applies to his future earnings.

Say what you will about hockey players not knowing any better, or poor professional athletes with money troubles, but this situation is pretty scary. How many people have been burned by someone they truly trusted? Johnson is certainly not the first person to suffer financial loss at the hands of a family member, and he won't be the last. To see people take advantage of their own children like this is not only sad, but a stark warning about the dangers of power-drunk parents.

4) Colin Greening

If you thought Mika Zibanejad was the only question mark on this team's season so far, think again. The issue of what to do with Colin Greening has left fans, and I'm sure management, scratching their heads.

It's no secret that Greening's play has, well, declined over the past two seasons. (If you look up "understatement of the year," you will probably see that sentence.) Nor is it a secret that management has been shopping him around. Yet, Greening still sees playing time before players like Erik Condra.

Aside from a few tires being kicked, there doesn't seem to be much interest out there for Greening's services. This begs the question: At what point does the team waive him? Will they eventually be able to move him as part of a package?

What do you think is next for Colin Greening?

5) Getting Checked

On Monday, Paul MacLean missed practice to get a colonoscopy, furthering the discussion around colon cancer and getting checked. After Bryan Murray shared his story last week, the team has reiterated this message, as we should too.

Murray started a conversation that we have a responsibility to continue. A simple procedure really does make a difference here. While some shy away from it due to embarrassment or inconvenience, early detection really can make a significant difference in one's health.

I am so proud of Murray and the Sens for sending this important reminder out there. So, I want to help them out by reminding anyone who has been thinking about it to get themselves checked. After all, embarrassment is not worth your health.

In the interest of not ending this on too much of a serious note: Have a great weekend, everyone!

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