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Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts for a Friday

Are the Sens in session yet?

Five Thoughts for Friday: A Little Time Off

Thoughts about the Senators postponed games, Alfredsson’s HOF candidacy, Shane Pinto’s injury, and more!

Five Thoughts For Friday

I’ve seen much worse from this team than what’s happened in the last few weeks.

Five Thoughts For Friday: Defensive Woes, Expectations for the Season & More

This week’s Five Thoughts talk about the Sens’ defensive troubles and how they might be fixed, plus expectations for the season and hockey culture being broken

Centre Depth, Attendance, Chabot’s Minutes and more!

It’s time for Five Thoughts

Five Thoughts for Friday: Getting the Deal Done, Youth is Served, and More!

We’re riding high today, babyyyy!

Colin White’s Future, Brännström’s Star Turn, Tkachuk and More!

It’s Five Thoughts for Friday

Five Thoughts For Friday

Some thoughts on training camp and new marketing material

Five Thoughts For Friday: The Next Stage of the Rebuild

Thoughts on Dorion re-signing, Brady’s potentially new contract, Logan Brown in limbo, and more!

Five Thoughts For Friday

This week’s pertinent material includes the ongoing RFA negotiations as well as the IIHF Women’s World Hockey Championship

Five Thoughts for a Really Quiet Friday

It’s an article about nothing—just the way we like it

Five Thoughts For Friday: Please Do Something, Pierres

Plus, a trade proposition that definitely won’t happen and an analysis of the best photoshoot of all time

Five Thoughts: Hockey Has Major Problems

I have had enough.

Five Thoughts for a Friday

When you’re happy for Joey and no one else in the Kraken organization

Five Thoughts for Friday

Let’s speculate!

Five Thoughts For Friday

Off-ice drama, what the Habs’ success means for the Sens, and more!

Five Thoughts: Mann, Hamilton & Offseason Moves

On this lovely Friday morning, I have some thoughts on Troy Mann, Dougie Hamilton and some other offseason moves the Ottawa Senators should - or should not - be considering.

Five Thoughts: Belleville Edition

It’s a special Belleville edition of Five Thoughts for Friday where we’ll talk about prospect arrivals and departures, goaltending, analytics and more.

Five Thoughts for a Friday

When it comes to the 2021-22 season, we have questions

Five Thoughts for Friday

Looking ahead to the offseason.

Five Thoughts: On Hope and New Beginnings for the Ottawa Senators

Looking back on the season that was

Five Thoughts For Friday

They could still pull it off. Seriously, it could happen.

Five Thoughts For Friday

Murray’s turnaround, Chabot’s struggles, and more!

Five Thoughts for Friday: Test Run for the Final 12 Games

Different thoughts on how the final 12 games can be a test run for various players, how well Sokolov, Crookshank, and Abramov have played, and more!

Five Thoughts for a Friday

How different will the Senators look next week?

Five Thoughts For Friday

Can Jacob Bernard-Docker save the Senators’ defence?

Five Thoughts for a Friday: Shoooot

Powerplays, Prospects, and Pain

Five Thoughts for a Friday

In which we manifest a speedy recovery for Colin White

Five Thoughts for Friday: Talking Accountability

Thoughts on accountability for veterans, Wolanin’s lack of playing time, team camaraderie, and more!

Five Thoughts for a Friday

The other kind of coach-killers

Five Thoughts For Friday: Odd Decisions, Mixed Messages

But it’s nothing we didn’t expect

Five Thoughts For Friday

Are we really this bad??


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