Fan Vote: Ottawa Senators Grades 2022-23

Have you say in our season ending grades for your 2022-23 Ottawa Senators.

Fan Vote: Ottawa Senators Grades 2022-23

How did everyone do this year? Have your say!

The season may be over, but that doesn't mean we're over. Far from it. It just means it's time to overanalyze everything from the past year and then predict how it'll all play out next year.

To start with, it's time to hand out grades to the players. The list below includes players who played at least 20 games all season, or at least 5 games since the All-Star break. That's you'll see Tyler Kleven, but not Jake Lucchini or Jacob Larsson. It also means that only three goalies made the cut, since we didn't really get enough NHL action to evaluate Meriläinen, Mandolese, or Ferguson.

Get your votes in this week, and then next week we'll see how the readers and staff align!

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