Evander Kane’s Troubles, Krejci Leaves the NHL And Fleury Comes to a Decision

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I hope everyone is out there enjoying a much-deserved long weekend. There hasn’t been a lot of action after that first couple of days of free agency, but the hockey world is never without some interesting twists and drama — especially as we are now just more than two months from a new season!

  • Evander Kane has not exactly been without personal drama through his time in the NHL; maybe never more so than when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy earlier this year. However, things took another turn when his wife Anna made some social media posts blasting her estranged husband for neglecting his family to go on lavish vacations even though they’re in deep financial distress. She also made the very serious allegation that Kane was betting on games he was part of. The NHL was quick to announce a formal investigation. Kane, of course, strongly denied all the allegations.
  • More than a few Sens fans have been hoping the Sens would go get  some help at the center position. One of the names that came up often was Boston Bruins forward, David Krejci. However, this option is no longer viable as Krejci has decided to end his NHL career and take his skills abroad to the Czech Republic.
  • There was a lot of drama last week when the Las Vegas Golden Knights traded Marc-Andre Fleury to the Chicago Blackhawks without even consulting with him. Fleury stated that his heart was in Vegas and that he would need to consult with his family on his future. Luckily for the Hawks, Fleury has decided that he isn’t ready to retire and announced that he would be reporting and playing for the Blackhawks next season.
  • There are always some fun little tidbits that come out of the NHL draft, and this time around it was Carolina Hurricanes’ fifth-round pick, Bobby Orr. Yes, the 17-year old shares a name with one of hockey’s biggest legends. According to his father, the name was a pure coincidence. Will be entertaining to see what the next generation of Bobby Orr will amount to.
  • Apparently Drake is a huge sports fan and quite loyal to his city and Canadian roots. . Partnering with Canadian filmmaker Hubert Davis, the world famous rapper is set to release the documentary “Black Ice” which is aimed at documenting the history and success of black players in the sport of hockey.
  • Victor Mete was one of the surprise additions to the team last season and he came at absolutely no price. However, as a RFA it was time for the Sens to lock him up but it seems Mete will be filing for arbitration along with 16 other eligible players./

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