The Noon Number: 0.49

0.49 - Erik Karlsson's career assists-per-game average, sixth-highest all-time among Ottawa Senators players during their Sens careers, and tops among defencemen. Karlsson sits behind Cory Stillman (0.67), Jason Spezza (0.64), Daniel Alfredsson (0.59), Dany Heatley (0.57), and Alexei Yashin (0.54) in assists-per-game.

Karlsson's assists-per-game number, though, is climbing rapidly: This year, with 41 assists in just 57 games, he's scoring a mind-boggling 0.72 assists per game. It's his rookie season (21 assists in 60 games, or 0.35 per game) that's bringing down his average. He's not on pace to surpass Yashin this season (if he continues his current pace, he'll finish the year with 58 assists, which would put him at a career 0.51 A/GP average), but could very easily climb a spot or two by the end of next season.

It's unlikely anyone in sight will ever catch up to Stillman, though. His time in Ottawa was short, but productive: He had 16 assists in 24 games with the Sens in 2008. If Karlsson were to maintain his 0.72 A/GP pace from this season, it would take more than ten seasons to catch up to Stillman in career assists-per-game; 838 games, to be exact.

He'd better get on it.

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