The Noon Number: 2.4

2.4 - The difference between the points-earned percentages of Paul MacLean and Cory Clouston during their respective spans as head coach of the Ottawa Senators.

Paul MacLean's record is 27-21-7, points percentage: 55.4.

Cory Clouston's record was 95-83-20, points percentage: 53.0.

What does that mean? Not very much. MacLean is a victim of his small sample size so far, and the recent six-game losing streak has really taken its toll on his points-percentage (before the streak, his PE% was 61.2). MacLean has also likely had less to work with than Clouston had, at least in terms of skaters. And there's no denying that MacLean's style is a lot more exciting to watch and, by all accounts, more fun for the players.

We'll see how MacLean's percentage goes from here. The team can help him improve it tonight with a win against the Blues.

If you're wondering who the top head coach in terms of points-earned percentage is, it's Bryan Murray, with a PE% of 66.5. Not too bad, but he had a heck of a team to work with.

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