Daniel Alfredsson considers retirement

Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson stated that he may retire due to the NHL lockout.

Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson stated in an interview with the Ottawa Sun on Tuesday that he is rethinking his future and potentially considering retirement due to the ongoing NHL Lockout.

Currently participating in informal workouts with other members of the NHL Players Association in Ottawa, the 39-year-old forward confessed that he has enjoyed his time with his children acting as a stay-at-home dad. While Alfredsson also expressed the joy he feels when playing hockey, he also stated that he isn't frustrated by the lockout or looking forward to coming to the rink.

Taking part in one or two practice sessions per week, Alfredsson has remained dedicated to fitness and still spends four days a week in the gym working on his strength and conditioning. If a resolution is formed, the Senators captain stated that he will attend training camp to see how he feels.

However, while the physical demands of the season would not be an issue, Alfredsson admitted that a lack of motivation could signal the end to his career, via the Ottawa Sun:

"Do I feel I could go a whole year and do it again? I think I could. But do I want to? That's more what I think will determine it."

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.

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