Crosby Reaches 1,400, Doug Wilson Steps Down, Power Signs, and More!

The Monday Edition of Links, News, and Notes

Welcome back for another edition of Links, News and Notes:

But I do want to be a little more clear and direct on another topic associated with this whole saga. It has become very tiresome to see people irresponsibly float out the suggestion this team could move or relocate down the road. When they are doing this, they are either completely unaware of the NHL bylaws that govern franchise relocation or they are purposely putting disinformation out into our market. There isn’t a third option here.

So please understand this franchise is headed for an era of stability and prosperity, whether it remains under the current ownership umbrella or transfers to a new group.

  • After Sunday night’s game, Tim Stützle addressed the Brendan Gallagher “controversy”:/

Stützle also mentioned in his media availability that Nick Suzuki had apologized for the incident. Maybe he also apologized for Gallagher being such a dummy?

  • Lastly, Sidney Crosby may no longer be a threat to lead the league in scoring but his 75 points in 61 games is no joke and on Sunday he crossed the 1,400 point threshold for his career. It seems likely that he will cruise into the top 10 all-time when it’s all said and done — and that’s with his having missed large chunks of two years in his prime. As a Sens fan I have my personal feelings about him, but there’s no denying he’s one of the greatest players in history./

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