Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 98: Trade Deadline Aftermath ft. Graeme Nichols

Graeme Nichols (@6thSens) joins the podcast to discuss everything that happened for Ottawa before the trade deadline

The NHL trade deadline passed yesterday, and Pierre Dorion and the Ottawa Senators were quite busy leading up to it. They didn’t make any massive moves, but there was still plenty to talk about once time was up. In order to talk about the moves they did and did not make, friend of the show Graeme Nichols (@6thSens) joined me in Episode 98 of the Cost Per Pointcast.

Topics include:

-Nick Paul traded to Tampa Bay

-Acquiring Travis Hamonic

-Josh Brown traded to Boston

-Zach Sanford traded to Winnipeg

-Others who weren’t traded but could have been

-What the future outlook is of the organization

Although Dorion didn’t hamstring the team with any of these moves, it seems like the Hamonic move was one that has left people with little faith in him moving forward.

Take a listen to our conversation below:

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