Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 89: Who to Protect? Ft. Ross Arnold

Ross Arnold joins the show to discuss the upcoming expansion draft, the playoffs, and more!

We’re so close to being completely in off-season mode. July will be a jam-packed month with both the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft as well as the regular NHL Draft, plus free agency starting as well, so the Ottawa Senators will be incredibly busy. In the meantime though, there are still games to be played, with either the Montreal Canadiens or the Tampa Bay Lightning getting to lift the Stanley Cup.

To discuss the NHL playoffs and the Senators off-season on episode 89 of the Cost Per Pointcast, I talked to Silver Seven Sens’ own Ross Arnold!

Topics include:

  • Playoff so far and the Habs run
  • Chris Phillips stepping down
  • Who should be on the protection list for the Expansion Draft
  • Expectations for the Seattle Kraken
  • Troy Mann staying in Belleville
  • And more! /

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