Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 88: A New Hope ft. Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee joins the show to recap the 2020-21 season for the Senators and discuss how there is hope for the first time in a long time

With the conclusion of the 2020-21 Ottawa Senators season, there is going to be a lot of looking back on the season that was. The Cost Per Pointcast is no different, as episode 88 is dedicated to the past 56 games. To do that, Kevin Lee (@BringBackLee on Twitter) joined the show!

It was great to end the season on a high note, especially because the tone of the podcast felt very hopeful for next season and beyond. For the first time in a long time, I genuinely can’t wait for the next season to begin because of how entertaining the Senators should be.

Topics include:

-Positives and negatives on the season

-Goaltending situation

-Are DJ and Dorion the right people for the job?

-How the fanbase is feeling

-Can we trust this rebuild?

-and more!

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