Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 86: Quiet Trade Deadline? ft. @EverydaySens

Brennan Parks, AKA @EverydaySens on Twitter, joins the show to discuss the upcoming trade deadline and much more!

Since the last episode of the Cost Per Pointcast at the end of February, the Ottawa Senators have continued their solid stretch of play, going 10-8-3 over their last 21 games. The trade deadline is also less than two weeks away, and that is something I wanted to talk about on the show.

To do that with me, I brought on Brennan Parks, AKA @EverydaySens, for episode 86. Topics include:

-Goaltending this season and who to protect from Seattle

-Christian Wolanin trade

-UND players signing

-Trade deadline: who could get moved?

-Is the rebuild on track?

-and more!

Apologies for some of the sound during this episode as there are a few moments of static coming from the microphone for some reason, I had never seen that before. Nevertheless, check out the show below:

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