Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 83: The Season is Here! ft. Steve Warne

Former TSN radio host Steve Warne joins the show to preview the upcoming season! Just 2 more days, folks...

The NHL season is finally upon us! The Ottawa Senators won’t play for another two days, but we know that NHL hockey will be played from now until July. It’s been 10 whole months since the Senators have played a game, meaning there is lots to talk about heading into this extraordinary season that features just a 56-game schedule.

In order to preview the season, former TSN radio host and host of the Sens Nation Podcast, Steve Warne, joined the Cost Per Pointcast to discuss:

-Grading Dorion’s off-season

-Lineup construction for this year

-How some player battles will pan out

-Over/under predictions for the season

-Other team predictions as well

-How the Canadian division will look

-and more!

Take a listen below:

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Get excited Sens fans, this season should be a fun one...

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