Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 82: More Trades! ft. Locked on Senators Podcast

Hosts of the “Locked on Senators Podcast”, Ross Levitan and Brandon Piller, join the show to talk about the Senators most recent moves

The Ottawa Senators begin their season in just nine days! Although the season starts so soon, Pierre Dorion obviously made a couple of trades last week that change the landscape of the team for this season a bit. The Derek Stepan and Braydon Coburn/Cedric Paquette trades generated quite the amount of discussion last week, and I wanted to get some thoughts out on the podcast.

In order to talk about those deals and other things, hosts of the Locked on Senators Podcast, Ross Levitan and Brandon Piller, joined the Cost Per Pointcast. Topics include:

-Their podcast, how it’s grown, and some of their favourite moments

-The Senators fanbase and that passion we have

-The Stepan trade

-The Coburn/Paquette trade

-Expectations for this season

-and more!

Take a listen below:

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