Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 81: Prospect Models ft. Byron Bader

Founder of <a href=""></a> Byron Bader joins the show to discuss the state of the Senators system based on his model

Ever since the Ottawa Senators stopped playing in March, the one topic that fans keep coming back to out of necessity is their prospect pool. Heading into the 2020-21 season (although it’s essentially just 2021), I wanted to have one episode of the Cost Per Pointcast to talk about the prospects that they have and how they grade.

There are some fantastic potential guests out there, and I wanted to have someone new. Byron Bader has done fantastic work at, and I highly recommend checking out his work there. Bader’s model has notably been not as high on the Senators prospects compared to others, although as he notes, he still likes a lot of players in the system. It was great to have him on, and some topics include:

-His model, what goes into it, and if there are any blind spots

-The Senators drafting philosophy and what that could mean

-Players that his model is either higher or lower on compared to the public consensus

-His thoughts on Ottawa’s 2020 draft class

-Where they sit overall and what they could add

-And more!

Take a listen below:

As always thank you so much for listening! Be sure to stay tuned for a season preview episode in the next little bit, as I cannot wait for the season to begin!

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