Cost Per Pointcast Ep 46: D.J. Smith the New Head Coach

Discussing everything revolving around the Sens’ new bench boss.

In the latest episode of the Cost Per Pointcast, Colin and Trevor dig into everything involving the Sens hiring D.J. Smith as their new head coach — pros and cons, tactics, possible assistants, and more. Time stamps are listed below.

0:00 — D.J. Smith hired as head coach

28:56 — Karlsson out of playoffs, pick implications

33:42 — Jason Spezza’s potential return

38:50 — Nicolas Ruszkowski steps down as COO

41:58 — Sens sued for negligence

43:56 — Olle Alsing signing

46:12 — Listener questions

Trevor will be taking a break from the Cost Per Pointcast before the draft, but worry not. There will be even more episodes coming your way this month, as we’re launching our draft month mini-series. Two scouts will join Colin on each episode, and debate their most differently ranked prospects. Is there anyone you’d like to see debated?

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