Cost Per Pointcast Ep. 28: Not a fun season ft. Graeme Nichols

Writer from The Athletic Graeme Nichols joins the show to recap what was an incredibly poor season for the Ottawa Senators

In the first episode since the trade deadline, the Cost Per Pointcast is back! Luckily with not much to talk about in March and April, we didn’t miss much content. So for episode 28, writer for The Athletic Graeme Nichols joined the show to recap the 2017-18 season for the Ottawa Senators.

Topics include:

-Thoughts on Town Hall meetings

-Chances of Erik Karlsson staying through the summer and long-term

-Things that went wrong this year

-Things that went right this year

-What to do with Craig Anderson and Mike Condon

-Plans for the direction of the team

-And more!

As I mention in the intro, the audio kept lagging while we were recording, and there were a bunch of problems with the audio, so apologies if it doesn’t sound quite as good as it should! The podcast is now up to eight 5-star reviews on iTunes, so if you like the show, be sure to give it a rating! As always, thanks for listening.

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