Cost Per Pointcast Ep. 23: Losing Streaks Suck (with NKB)

NKB joins the show again to talk about what the Ottawa Senators looks like now that they are currently in this six-game losing streak. Plus, Anderson, Duchene, and Boucher are big topics of discussion

For the second time, NKB came on the Cost Per Pointcast, but this time we weren’t talking about fun times in the playoffs, we were talking about an awful six-game losing streak.

There has been a lot to dissect with the Ottawa Senators, and even though this episode is long, we could’ve talked for much more.

The topics for episode Kaspars Daugavins include:

-Current losing streak and what it means

-Playoff implications so far

-Craig Anderson's aging curve

-Guy Boucher's impact

-Matt Duchene's play

-Melnyk possibly selling the team

-And more!

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(Also, reminder that if the audio isn’t showing up, simply search Cost Per Pointcast on whatever podcast app you are using).

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