Cost Per Pointcast Ep. 22: Duchene Finally Announced w/ Colin Cudmore

In an emergency episode, Silver Seven Sens writer Colin Cudmore joins the show to discuss the blockbuster deal for Matt Duchene

I was certainly not planning on recording a new Cost Per Pointcast episode this week due to a busy schedule, but how could I not after the Ottawa Senators made one of their biggest trades of all-time?

That’s why I brought on my Silver Seven Sens colleague Colin Cudmore to dissect everything about the trade.

Apologies for the audio, as my microphone wasn’t working, so I had to only use my headphones. I figured some poor audio throughout the show is better than no show at all.

Thanks for listening though! If you like the show, it’d be great if you could rate and review on iTunes, as it helps get some new listeners. Also, if you have any suggestions for future shows, let me know!

Reminder that if the soundcloud embed isn’t showing up, try opening this article in a different browser or search for it on iTunes.

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