Classic Rants: A Dark Day

Today is a dark day.

By now I'm sure you've heard that Senators owner Eugene Melnyk isn't exactly as rich as he used to be. There's some good coverage over at The 6th Sens and by Travis Yost, so I won't rehash it all here.

But if this is ownership's fault: go to hell, Melnyk.

I'm not one who swears in articles very often.

But holy shit, this hurts.

Betrayal. It's the only way I can describe this feeling.

Personally, no matter the reasons, I'm not sure I can forgive and move on. Its always a bad idea to make bold decisions in the immediate aftermath of anything. But again, for me personally, Detroit is my second-least favourite team, right after Toronto. It comes from the 90's of watching the Avalanche while with my dad when he lived in Denver. I warmed up to them as a secondary team, and the rivalries ran deep with the Red Wings. They've been beaten for most-hated only by Toronto.

I would rather he signed in Boston. Except not, because my brother-in-law is a Bruins fan and he might not let me live this down. At least now he might offer me a beer in sympathy.

I'm a grown man, but today the tears might be flowing.

I'm sure it's been pointed out before, but Detroit is in the division this season.

Is it small of me to hope that Detroit goes 0-82 this season? Probably. Will I change my mind? Probably not.

I can't forgive, and I won't forget.

He gave us everything he could for years. All we wanted was to see him end in a Senators jersey. I'll miss him, but this burns so much.

Good luck in retirement, Daniel. Until then...

This was supposed to be the first piece in a semi-regular-ish series called Classic Rants. We'll see about that.

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