Can't-Miss #SensMotB Contest: A Call to Arms

The Sens Money on the Board campaign is kicking it up a notch, and I'm not talking about Zibanejad's scoring prowess. We've got a ton of prizes to give away, and all it takes to win is a little creativity.

Round 2 - Game 1 pledge form
Official #SensMotB website and donation page
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Hey sports fans,

The Sens Money on the Board campaign has taken off faster than J.G. Pageau on a Sunday. In just 8 games, 124 separate donors have donated over $7470 to the Sens Foundation. I'm not going to say that we've proven karma to definitively exist, but since the #SensMotB campaign started, the Sens are 6-2. Now we've got a ton of prizes to give away, and a huge contest on our hands.

I was too busy chanting "Pageau Pageau Pageau", what is #SensMotB?

In case you've been as absent as Jim O'Brien, the Sens Money on the Board campaign raises funds for the Sens Foundation, a local charity run by the Ottawa Senators, aimed at helping youth in the community. Before (or during) each game, fans pledge potential donations based on in-game events. For example, donate $1 for every point by a Swede, or $5 for every Paul MacLean classy timeout.

The Ottawa Citizen wrote up an eloquent piece about yours truly, and it provides a fairly accurate description of the campaign. I know how shocking it is for all of you to see me with pants on, and I apologize for that. But do not fret: TSN's Kate McKenna also did a feature on #Rihannaing this week, if you want to hear my shameful tale of "performing" at the Wells Fargo Center. In case you were wondering, I bear no relation to Brad Doty.

More giveaways than a Spezza drop pass

Thanks to Canada's Flag King, The 613, Kevin Lee, and an anonymous donor, we've got an absurd amount of prizes to give away. Here's a list. Let's just say items 4 through 10 are hilarious and worth more than gold.

  1. Autographed Daniel Alfredsson hockey card
  2. $30 value Sens prize pack from Flag King
  3. The now famous 'The Stache" t-shirt from
  4. A slighty-used old-school CCM white Senators jersey signed by Magnus "Best Swedish Senator" Arvedson donated by @Dr_Habs
  5. A puck signed by David Rundblad
  6. 10 David "Calder Trophy Lock" Rundblad signed hats
  7. 10 Alex "don't call me Captain" Picard signed hats
  8. 10 Jonathan Cheechoo signed hats (Best prize)
  9. 5 Pascale Leclaire signed hats (No returns accepted)
  10. 4 Shean "still hasn't tweeted" Donovan signed hats

You should also keep your eyes open for an auction going up soon for a Sens jersey autographed by at least half the team.

Hey hipster Chris Neil, what do you think of those prizes?

Call to Arms: #SensMotB Contest

This is essentially a contest in creativity. The idea is to create as much promotional material for #SensMotB as possible. The following categories serve only as guidelines. Note that I'll be giving away more than one prize for each category if the entries are deserving. I encourage as much creativity as possible:

  1. Best animated GIF: (a) #SensMotB related GIF, or (b) more generally Sens-related GIF (Note: Any GIF submitted must include the #SensMotB hashtag)
  2. Best Rihannaing photo: Either (a) a real photo or (b) photoshopped. (Note: Any photo submitted must include the #SensMotB hashtag)
  3. Best Original Sens video or photo: Self-explanatory. (Note: Any photo or video submitted must include the #SensMotB hashtag)
  4. Best Original Sens Song: Either (a) written or (b) performed.
  5. Written essay/blog on: (a) What the Sens foundation means to you/the community, (b) What the Sens mean to you, (c) anything Sens related and heartwarming, or (d) anything Sens-related and hilarious. (Note: 300 words max)
  6. Anything else you can think of. Go crazy.

Email all entries to BonksMullet at Remember your visuals need to include the #SensMotB hashtag. I'll also be giving away prizes for the following pledge-related activities:

  1. Most creative pledge (per game): For each game, the most creative pledge that pans out for every game will earn a hat of their choosing.
  2. Largest donation (per game): For each game, the largest donation will earn a hat of their choosing. I will also apply this retroactively to the previous games to be fair.
  3. More to come... Let me know if you have any contest suggestions!
I think I got a little carried away. Okay, have at it. I'll be tweeting the best entries as they come in. Remember to email your entries.

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