Breaking News: Ottawa Senators Fire Pierre McGuire

A tenure that didn’t make it to a full year

The Ottawa Senators have made some odd decisions over the past few seasons, but hiring Pierre McGuire to the front office last summer was definitely one of the strangest. Many saw this move as part of a transition plan for McGuire to take over Dorion’s position, or perhaps he was to be the face for the team in the media with his vast PR experience. Almost a year later, it would seemPierre McGuire’s tenure has abruptly ended:

After reports came out this afternoon of his dismissal, Bruce Garrioch has confirmed the news: Pierre McGuire has been fired by the Ottawa Senators. His tenure has been somewhat forgettable, and not many people really seem to know what impact he has really made on the team.

Reports this afternoon of his dismissal were not met with much surprise, although the timing is odd as he was reported to be with Dorion as part of management’s trip to UND to try to convince Jake Sanderson and Tyler Kleven to sign. As new ownership is shaping up, there may have been a review done of team resources with Pierre McGuire being seen as redundant and expendable at this point.

Graeme Nichols also suggested that the McGuire hiring was a league decision at the time which wouldn’t be surprising but also has not yet been confirmed. Either way, McGuire was a very senior executive who has left in seemingly suddenly fashion. It could mark the beginning of more changes to come. Stay tuned, we’ll have you covered as the situation develops.

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