Breaking Down the Alex Chiasson Arbitration Watch

Chiasson's award came out more than 16 hours after the deadline. It all led to things getting a little restless on Twitter.

Alex Chiasson's arbitration hearing was relatively routine. The two sides submitted bids that were relatively far apart, with the expectation the the number would come down right int he middle of the two. The hearing took place on Thursday, July 23, with the result due 48 hours later. This gave the arbitrator until around 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to release a decision.

1:30 came and went without much issue. After all, sometimes things are a little late getting out. Even in the age of Twitter, sometimes media finds something out and doesn't report it right away. However, these worries that the media had forgotten us were quickly put to rest by our old friend Doni B.

(Side note: anyone else enjoy the delicious irony of Brennan telling someone to do their job?)

From there though, things quickly went downhill.

By the evening, it looked like people were getting really desperate.

But then finally, (very) early the next morning, relief came in the form of an announcement

The Twitter world rejoiced! Well, not really. More like the Twitter world murmured then went back to their lives.

And is often the worrisome case, WTYKY was the voice of reason after the whole debacle.

So there you have it. How Sens Twitter turned into a hot mess over a delay in the arbitration award announcement for a bottom-six forward. Someday we'll tell this story to a younger generation, and they will look deep in our eyes and say, "Okay."

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